Michael Jordan’s Failures

His Failures…

Michael Jordan was born into a family where his older brother, Larry, was the favorite. Everyone in his family expected Larry to be the most successful and the star of the two.

In high school, Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity basketball team because his coach told him that he was too small.

Turned into Success…

Later on, Michael Jordan was drafted third overall in the NBA and won six championships! He is now considered one of the best players in all of NBA history!

He turned his family’s doubts into motivation to succeed. He didn’t quit playing basketball just because he was deemed “too small” by his varsity coach. Michael Jordan kept going and kept working hard to prove the doubts of those around him to be wrong. It didn’t matter what other people saw in him because he saw someone that could be successful. He believed in himself when no one else did. Be like Michael.


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