Weekly Journal Entries: April 1st, 2017

Creating a happy, successful life for yourself has been the main message of most of the posts on this blog. However, those who are the most successful and the happiest, don’t only do for themselves. They make it a point to do for others as well! I think the road to true success requires a very humanitarian or even philanthropic mindset as opposed to one of greed and just aiming for money. Whatever you chose to do in life and be successful at should, to some degree, allow you to help other people and go that extra mile to really make a difference in others’ lives, not just your own. So! With that being said, my reflection question for you this week is this:

If you could have any job, that requires you to help people in some type of way each day, what would that job be?

Remember, charity doesn’t always mean giving money! Don’t always think of it that way. I mean, sure, if your desire is to have a job that raises money for a certain cause then that’s great too! But be creative when you’re thinking because generosity and charity come in countless forms! The point is, the best job you could ever have is the one that changes lives.

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