Weekly Journal Entries: March 25th, 2017

One tip for being successful is to know what it is that drives you to achieve. Whether it’s your family, making money, or helping people this is something you need to know in order to accomplish your dreams! But you shouldn’t just stick to one lone motivator. This could lead to downfall as life is always changing. The most successful people have multiple drives, or motivators, behind their work! I want you to ask yourself, “What are the things that motivate me to be successful and achieve my goals?” Now write out a descriptive list of at least 5 major things that motivate you to achieve:











In order for these motivators to be effective, you have to truly believe in them! Don’t ever think the things that motivate you are silly or outrageous because they’re NOT. If getting a bigger house with a bigger yard for your dog to enjoy motivates you, then WRITE IT DOWN!


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