The Power of Multiple Motivators

One thing that we can all agree on about achieving success is that we have to know why we’re doing it. We have to know what motivates us to get up in the morning and start our day by day journey to becoming successful. Those who don’t know why they want to achieve their goals are going to have a hard time doing so. That much we know.

What some people may not know about is the power that having multiple motivators can have on your life and your ability to reach success! Most of us usually start off trying to achieve big things with only one real reason or motivator in mind. Which is great because we all have to start somewhere! However, once you spend more time and resources on your goals, you’ll find it easier to keep that drive if you have more than one thing keeping you going!

The greatest example of this is MONEY! Money, money, money…the thing we all want more of! While money is a good thing to have, those who are primarily driven by it find their journey will be cut short. Why? Because when they come to a point where a little investing is what they have to do get closer to success, it’ll stop them. Material objects especially, just don’t create enough value in the human mind to keep pushing and achieving when faced with adversity or hardship.

Now let’s say your main drive, your main motivator is to make money for your family. Here you are pulling a much stronger motivation from an outside source that creates more value for you and for others. That is another key to having effective motivators in life. These things pulling you to succeed need to not only create value for you but for those around you, those you love, and those who you meet in the process!

Then, there’s the most simple reason for needing multiple things that drive you. The only thing that motivates you to succeed ceases to motivate you any longer. If this happens, you’ll find yourself disappointed and struggle to stay motivated. That is the last thing I want for any of you.

Having multiple things that drive you to stay on track with your goals goes back to the Law of Attraction. It’s a simple philosophy we’ve all heard of! If you haven’t, the law of attraction states this: by focusing on positive thoughts, you attract all positive energy into your life. Like energy attracts life energy thus allowing you to improve your health, wealth, and happiness. The same can be true of negative thoughts and energy as well. The things that motivate you to succeed should be the things that harness all the positive energy into your life!

A great technique and best way I know of to apply the law of attraction to your own life and help you discover your motivators is a motivation board! This where you take a tack board, white board, or even just a small space on the wall and fill it with the things that motivate you and make you happy! This can be pictures, speeches, quotes, a poem, an article…whatever you want! Motivation boards are easy to make and allow you to be as creative as possible! Just make sure all these things are placed together and in a spot where you can see them every day! The purpose of this board is to remind you every day why you struggle and why you want to be successful!

An example of something to put on your board is a picture of your family because they are what drives you to do better. They are also something you already have. Then you might put a picture of a luxurious house or car on your board. This might be something that you want to have but motivates you just as much as your family. It’s important to include things that you have and things you desire. Be as specific as possible when creating your board! Things like money or fame or a better job are too vague to be effective. Remember, the quality of your motivators is the quality of your drive to succeed!


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