Unlimited Power: Chapter 20 Review

Chapter 20: Trend Creation: The Power of Persuasion

“We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.” ~Buckminster Fuller


In this second-to-last chapter Tony Robbins reinforces the power of persuasion and being a leader in the modern world. From Marlboro commercials that glamorize smoking to billboards and signs that promote the latest trends through celebrity endorsement, the power of persuasion is all around us!

The most successful people are those who have the power to persuade anyone of anything. I mean, just think about it, what makes smoking Marlboro cigarettes so amazing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We all know about the harmful carcinogens and toxins that go into the creation of one cigarette and the deadly outcomes that smoking has on your health! Yet, the creators of those cigarette ads are making millions of dollars off of the masses that continue to buy them! Why? Because these people know how to make an ad that puts you in a state that focuses your desires, your cravings on smoking that little cancer stick.

This article isn’t meant to bash smoking or promote it, but to simply show just how powerful persuasion could be, especially to the masses. However, Tony Robbins goes on to explain just how powerful persuasion can be when we use it to benefit our lives and others’ lives as well! Those who have the power to persuade are exercising leadership. Which is another important factor is achieving the things you want and shaping your life the way you want it.

Persuading sometimes has a negative association to it. But why? If you use all the previous tools he’s mentioned throughout this book like NLP, models of success, agreement frames, rapport and so on, you will be successful in your life without having a negative effect on others. Learning the art of persuasion to benefit you can be as simple as building rapport with people in a bookstore and getting them to buy your book! If you’ve given these people value in your book that they can apply to their own lives while connecting to them as well, you’ve just successfully made your book more money with the most beneficial technique and benefits to both parties!

The most important message that you should take away from this chapter is that persuasion can be a very positive, very powerful thing in benefitting your life and your success, but also the lives and successes of other people too! With just one more short chapter to go, this book has proven to be such a beneficial read with lots of amazing life tips!

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