5 Basic Tips For Finding Your Passion

I think that the majority of us go through life not really knowing what we are passionate about, what we really want to spend our time doing! You may try doing something as a hobby and find it’s not for you, then stop. Maybe you found something you aren’t really good t but you enjoy, so then you stop. Both are okay, but I want you to know the key to finding your passion is not giving up! This leads me to the first tip:

1. Be Open To All Kinds of Ideas and Activities!

It is A-okay to try something and find you don’t like it or you’re not really good at it. But do not bash an idea before you try it! Even if it’s something you would have never done before, it could turn out to be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done! Be open minded and STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You may find your passion on the other side of it!

2. Don’t Be Scared to Ask Others For Help or Advice!

This one goes along with the idea that you should be stepping outside your comfort zone! Introverts, you know I’m talking to you right now! Never hesitate to ask for other peoples’ help or advice about new ideas, hobbies, jobs, etc! They may very well be the key to helping you find what you’re good at and what you love! Even as an extrovert, don’t be too prideful to ask others for help or advice, especially those who you know are superior in knowledge about the things you’re interested in! Remember, people are your greatest resource in any type of success! Who knows, you could meet your best friend or life-long partner through your search for passion!

3. Know What You Want To Accomplish Through Your Passion!

The reason behind this tip is simple: It helps you find purpose in what you’re doing so the drive and motivation you have when you’re just starting out continues throughout your journey! That and it significantly helps you narrow down the path you chose to take! This tip is good in saving you lots of time and money (which we never have enough of!) For example, let’s say you are passionate about animals. If you know you want to accomplish helping them through charity as opposed to profit, this will easily distinguish that the path you should take is through non-profits and not being a veterinarian or zoo keeper! If you know what you want to accomplish through your passion, you will feel 10x more fulfilled during the process!

4. Know the Benefits of Finding Your Passion!

Like I said earlier, a lot of people go through life not really knowing what they want to do or even following the path that they think they need to follow, as opposed to the one that includes their passion. It’s that whole cliche that most of us just take whatever 9-5 job pays the bills but doesn’t feed our happiness. Studies show that those who make a living doing the things they love, earn so much more in their lifetime than those who don’t. If you’ve come to a point in your life where you think you’re going to take the path that gets you a quick, steady paycheck THINK ABOUT IT SOME MORE. Knowing ALL the benefits of following your passion and, one day, giving it monetary value will change how you live significantly! Know every good thing that will and could come out of following your passion so you have that drive and motivation to make it happen!

5. It’s Never Too Late!

Everyone thinks that you have to know what you want to do, where you want to go in life fresh out of high school and if you don’t then you’re probably doomed to being the head cashier at McDonald’s. WRONG. Although, it is a fine job to have, that job is for few people to carry out and sustain a happy life with. If you don’t know what your passion is you need to follow steps 1-4. Be open, be curious, let others help you, figure out the basics of what you want to accomplish and know the benefits of doing so! Don’t think it is too late for you just because you’re not 18 years old with a pristine plan for yourself! Because GUESS WHAT? Plans always change and life is always changing. If you’re 45 years old and find that what you’re doing isn’t your passion or what you want to be doing anymore, CHANGE IT. It’s never too late for anyone!

The purpose of this article is to give you the basic steps you need to take in order to find what you love, your happiness, your passion and make it your life! Thanks for reading (:


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