Canadian Health and Well-Being Enthusiast Sends a Powerful Message Through Her Instagram Page “CleanBeanie”

Through the making of @thedailyselfhelp Instagram page, I have recently come across another amazing page that focusing primarily on “helping your health and well-being.” This page was created by the amazing Rana Beaini, who has shared with me information on her healthy living tips and tricks, the Toronto Meal Prep Service, her personal experience with transforming to a healthy diet, tips for other healthy living pages out there, and much more! So sit back, relax and enjoy our full interview together…

1.When did you first decide to create the Cleanbeanie Instagram page?

“I started my Cleanbeanie Instagram page when I decided that I wanted to help people get healthy and share my ideas and thoughts on a page that was strictly health-related. I had been into health and wellness a little over a year and a half before that. It has been amazing ever since, and I have been able to share my thoughts, listen to people’s stories, get to know them personally, be there for them and help them live healthier lives!”

2. Where did the name “Cleanbeanie” come from?

“The name Cleanbeanie comes from my actual name. My last name is ‘Beaini’ and no one ever knew how to pronounce it correctly, so it always sounded like they were saying ‘Beenie.’ That actually led me to stumble upon CleanBeanie. It popped into my mind one day and it was a name I really liked so I saved it in my notes and when I went to start my page- BAM, there it was!”

3. Why did you decide to make a page that primarily focused on health and wellness as opposed to fitness and exercising?

“I made this page to focus strictly on health and wellness because I am more interested in the entire well-being of an individual. I believe our overall health and well-being is made up of our mental, physical and spiritual health. In order to reach optimal health, we must focus on all three aspects of our lives equally without giving more attention to one over the other. Too often I see pages focusing on their physical bodies and exercise, but there is a lot more to health than just that.

We need to work on our spiritual and mental health just as much as we do our physical health, therefore that is what my page promotes. Going to the gym and exercising on a daily basis is not going to heal the deeper issues and pains that exist within you. I think that is what people need to understand. We have to give as much attention to our minds and spirits as we do our bodies.”

4. What is the Toronto Meal Prep Service?

“The Cleanbeanie Meal Prep Service prepares meals for individuals living in Toronto who want to eat healthier but find they do not have the time or knowledge to do so for themselves. The food we consume has a major impact on our overall health and well-being, therefore we are helping the individual live healthier lives through these meal preps.

In order to ensure these people can sustain this healthy way of eating, we offer meal guides that educate them on how to view food, the importance of food, foods to avoid, foods they should eat every day, over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, a grocery list, nutritional facts, tips and much more. Every guide ordered is a custom guide for the individual, so before we create the guide, we inquire about health issues, diets, and lifestyles. Our goal is to create a guide that accommodates each and every person who uses it!

The Cleanbeanie Meal Prep service helps people to eat healthier and the Cleanbienie Meal Guide teaches people how to do it themselves. The goal of our services is not to be a quick-fix because there is no such thing, but rather to help others make this change for the rest of their lives!”

5. What kinds of meals do you usually prepare for yourself?

“I eat four meals a day. I eat my first meal which is all fruits first thing in the morning. Then I have my second meal which contains my fiber, nuts, and seeds. For lunch, I make a large salad including all my raw, fresh vegetables. Finally, for my dinners, I meal prep once a week. I make my dinner meals on Monday night and I have them prepared for the next four days. I eat a plant-based diet, therefore I do not consume any animal products. I keep my meals very simple.

For breakfast, I have 5-7 fruits. I eat fruits on an empty stomach because mixing them with food actually rots the food in your stomach making it hard to soak up their nutrients.

So 5-7 fresh fruits on an empty stomach for breakfast, then about an hour or so later, I either have an oatmeal bowl, a home-made cereal, or yogurt parfait that is loaded with my sources of fiber, nuts, and seeds for my omega-3’s.

Once I have my second meal, I head to the gym. After the gym, I have a protein shake then prepare a large salad loaded with all sorts of leafy greens and fresh veggies.

For dinner, I tend to make a mix of beans, brown rice and choose between two veggies to steam.

I eat to fuel my health, so I only eat foods that protect me, benefit me, and offer me good nutrition. If you are interested in knowing exactly what I eat and my recipes, inquire about my Cleanbeanie Meal Guide. I do not enjoy spending a lot of time making my meals, so 10 minutes is the longest meal prep! That is how I eat!”

6. What is your favorite meal or food group?

“My favorite meal group is breakfast. Breakfast is special to me because I wake up looking forward to eating. I wake up excited to eat my fresh fruits, to energize, to start my day off able to conquer all I need to do that day! I meditate every morning before breakfast, so when I can enjoy my meal in stillness and peace! Breakfast is definitely a win for me!”

7. What are your thoughts on vegetarianism/veganism?

“My thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism can be an entire novel so I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible! I think it is absolutely wonderful for so many different reasons. Fruits and vegetables protect the body from all sorts of diseases and illnesses like cancer, heart attacks diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart failures.

Eating highly processed foods and consuming a diet that relies heavily on animal products is deadly. That’s what is killing the majority of the population, and why an estimated 75% of Americans are overweight. In a country like America, even Canada, people lack so much knowledge in the area of health and nutrition. It is the one thing that needs to be addressed immediately because people are living on foods that are slowly harming them day by day.

I live off of a plant-based diet for various reasons. I find no need to feed my body a dead animal’s body- it does nothing for me. If I need protein, I have a bowl of spinach because it does more for me than a piece of steak could. Not to mention, it isn’t loaded with antibiotics and all sorts of other junk. When you eat an animal, whatever that animal is fed and injected with, is now transferred into your body. There are just a million other foods I can eat that are better for me, so I stick to them.

I will say it is incredible seeing more and more people becoming conscious about their health and making the switch. What you put into your body can either be medicine or it can be the slowest form of poison. Every bite is either healing you or harming you.

It’s also extremely important that, if you are considering making the switch, you have the knowledge and sources for doing so. My first transition into a vegan diet was a nightmare. I was barely getting any nutrition, I didn’t know what to eat or what I needed, and I felt horrible. It led me to see numerous naturopaths, experiencing a major downfall, and returning to eating meats. That was short-lived. About a month or two later, with more knowledge and research this time around, I transitioned back to a plant-based diet. I now knew how to properly eat to make sure I was receiving all the nutrition I needed to strive off of this way of eating!

My advice, speak to healthy vegans! Connect with people who are striving and find out what they are eating and doing. Avoid getting advice from people who are not vegetarians or vegans because they will shut you down and fill you with negative feedback.”

8. What is the best piece of advice you would give someone who struggles with eating healthy?

“KNOW WHY YOU ARE DOING IT. Don’t just think this is some sort of diet that you are going to hop on for two weeks or a month to lose some weight and return to your normal way of eating and living- this is a lifestyle! Start by making small, permanent changes in your diet in order to sustain it and maintain it. It may not all come together and change in a day or week, but make a genuine effort to try day by day by day!

If you give up, YOUR LIFE WILL NOT GET BETTER. I think the most important thing is to continuously try and even if you fall back for a week or two, get back up and keep trying! It is the consistency and effort that you bring forward on a daily basis that will begin to change your life!”

9. Back to your actual page. How long did it take for you to reach over 10k followers?

“It took me some time, however now I use a systematic method to grow my page. I have learned some things about Instagram that helps me get more followers and reach more people. Things like hashtags, what times I post, and the content I’m posting. I also look to see what people are interested in. Where people comment the most, like the most, and ask questions are generally the things I look for. I try to share the stuff that people are most interested in!

I’m sure if I posted a picture of my cat, most people would have no interest as opposed to posting a smoothie recipe! Also, if you do not have a passion for what you promote, people get a feel for that and eventually show no interest. Post the things you are actually interested in. Do not just follow trends and fads and do what everyone else is doing. Be different, be you!”

10. What advice do you have for someone that just started their own healthy living page?

“The advice I have is to share what you actually do in your everyday life. There are so many people that post general, recycled materials that we have all seen or heard before. Share things that are relevant to your life. Share things that have made a difference in your world. Be authentic, be yourself. No one wants to see a picture with no meaning to it. Interact, share and be involved when you post.

My other advice would be to use a theme that flows throughout your page. Use the same filter and have some sort of flow of colors. Have a specific feel and keep the pictures looking like they all fit, rather than having one odd ball. A good page has to have its flow!”

11. What is the overall message or the most important thing you would like your followers to take away from your page?

“The most important thing I want my followers to take away from my page is for them to care for their health on a daily basis. Without your health, you have nothing. That includes eating healthy every day, taking some time to breathe, getting enough rest, exercising daily, and thinking positively.

I want my followers to understand that their health is mental, spiritual, and physical. Your mind is connected to your body. If your mind is not in a good place, it affects your body. Over time, negative thoughts create disease in your body, therefore we need to care for our mind, body, and spirit! I want people to know their overall health needs to be cared for, loved, and nourished. Think of it as a new seed that has just been planted. You need to water it every day.

While living on this earth, with the time that we have, we must strive to live a life where we are grateful, we give thanks, and we appreciate all that we have. We must make peace with our pasts and we must understand that we have the power to create a better future. The road ahead is determined by what you do in the present moment. You can live any life you can imagine! Do not be controlled by your doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. Break all of those barriers!

Regardless of where you are in the world or what you have been through, you can heal yourself. You can feel better and live without suffering and pain. I believe each and every one of us has the power to live the life of our dreams. With the right tools and techniques, we can get there!

If you are reading this, know that I am just a normal person, like you, who decided I was going to make a change and just went for it! If I can help you in any way, please reach out! One love.<3”

There you have it folks, my full interview with the lovely Rana Beaini! It was awesome to hear her personal opinion on health, wellness, and eating as well as the advice she has to give about those who struggle with these things! She also had great advice for Instagram users who want to start and build their own pages, especially those that are health-related! For those of you who are interested in using the Toronto Meal Prep Services and the Cleanbeanie meal guide, you can contact the Cleanbeanie herself at! She will have all your unanswered questions about health, wellness, meal planning, prices, etc.

Please go check out her IG page HERE–> and follow for more amazing content on how to live a better, healthier, more nutritionally and spiritually sound life! Thanks for reading!

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