Unlimited Power: Chapter 19 Review

Chapter 19: The Five Keys To Wealth And Happiness

“Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creatures of men.” ~Benjamin Disraeli


As you can tell by the title, this is the mother of all chapters. It’s the meat and potatoes of why we even pick up a self-help book and start reading. Ultimately our goal is to get some insight on how to achieve excellent wealth and find true happiness! Here are the five keys for you to learn from:

Learn how to handle frustration. The most important thing to take away from this key principle is that success is buried on the other side of frustration. If you talk to any successful person, they will tell you that they went through hell to get to where they are today. We hear it in the most famous success stories all the time. If you let a certain type of frustration, an adversity or problem stop you from having the motivation you need to achieve your goals, then you will not be successful.

Learn how to handle rejection. This one goes along with handling frustration. We live in a society that is so scared of rejection that we shy away from doing what’s necessary to achieve success. Just think back to all those success stories. The majority of them include all the rejection these now (or once) successful people had to go through to achieve their goals. Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe was rejected over 1,000 times before someone said “yes” and made him the creator of a billion-dollar fast food chain. Limited thoughts create limited lives. Don’t limit your life on what you are able to achieve just because you’re scared to hear the word “no.”

Learn to handle financial pressure. If you think that financially wealthy people don’t have financial pressure, then you’re wrong. The only way to avoid financial pressure is to not have any finances. The difference between them and someone who doesn’t have financial wealth is that they know how to get and how to give. They know how to earn and how to save. It’s a balance that must be created.

You want to know the most valuable thing yo can do with your finances? Give 10 percent of it away. Why? Because, for one, you should be putting back what you take out. Two, it creates such a value for yourself and for others. It feeds the amazing belief that there is more than enough money to go around and that we can all have the things we want. Most importantly, it instills the value of gratitude to your life and the lives of those you give to.

Learn how to handle complacency: Complacency can be very disastrous to one’s success. Complacency tells you that as soon as you reach a certain level of success, you can stop growing, stop working, stop creating value in your life and other peoples’ lives. That’s not true. It goes along with the idea that success is a continuous way of life.

And don’t use the successes or failures of those around you as an excuse to be complacent. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing better than the guys you knew from high school, or worse. That doesn’t mean you stop trying to achieve more and more or you give up because you feel sorry for yourself. Focus on your goals and the results you’re capable of producing in your life. Every experience in life is an opportunity for growth and achievement. Don’t stop growing.

Always give more than you expect to receive: This last key is probably the most important of them all. This one pretty much guarantees you a life of true happiness. Unfortunately, there are few people who fully comprehend the substantiality of giving before receiving. We all want things out of life without even thinking about what we could be doing for others. We want a better relationship, but refuse to communicate properly when we argue. We want them to be the bigger person and apologize first.

We want a better relationship, but refuse to communicate properly when we argue. We want them to be the bigger person and apologize first. Some of us want to feel healthy but we’re not willing to take care of our bodies first by replacing that Big Mac with a salad or put down the cigarette. The point is that we may want to receive many things out of life, but aren’t willing to think about what we can do first to deserve these things. Think about it.

The biggest illusion of success is that it’s something to be possessed once you’ve climbed over that massive mountain of struggle, that it’s a static result to be achieved. You have to think of success as an ongoing process, a way of life. If you apply these 5 keys to your everyday life, if you make habits out of them, you will be able to achieve the wealth and happiness that you desire.

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