Motivation From A Young YouTuber

Here’s a closer look into the mind of  young self-made man and YouTuber, Ricky Griffith:

1. How long have you been making YouTube videos for Basquiat Picasso?

For about four years now. My first video was uploaded January 12, 2013.”

You can check it out HERE –> Fight Till You Can’t No More (Motivational) (Warning: I had no idea how to make a video back then!)

2. What inspired you or what motivated you to start your YouTube channel?

“I watched a YouTube video called ‘How bad do you want it?’ That video made a big impression on me and started the fire for motivation. I figured I’d try making a motivational video after that, and I loved it.”

3. I see you have just under 200,000 subscribers right now. How long did it take you to get just one?

“It didn’t take me long to get my first subscriber. Only because I went on Yahoo answers and asked people to subscribe to me. In return, I would subscribe to their channel. Although, to get to 100 subscribers took a good several months.”

4. It looks like your most popular video is titled What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?- Motivation with over six million views! Why do you think that one is your most popular so far?

“I think it’s my most popular video because of the clips and speakers featured in it. The speakers like Jim Carrey, Les Brown and Will Smith made the video very motivational in how and what they’ve talked about. Now pair that with intense music and clips of popular movies, and people just seem to go toward that.”

(The speakers in order are: Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Wayne Dyer, Chris Ross, Eric Thomas, T.D. Jakes, Jaret Grossman and Les Brown)

5. What do you think all these speakers have in common based on what they talk about?

“They all know what it takes to be successful. This is why I like featuring all of these speakers. Because they’ve been there and they know the mindset it takes to be a part of that 1%.”

6. Out of all the videos you’ve made so far, which one is your favorite? Why?

“It’s hard to choose because I’ve made so many, and I’ve been motivated by a lot of my own videos. My top three are: When It Hurts – 2016 MotivationWhat Do You Want To Be Remembered For?Why Do You Dream? (Best Motivational Video Of All Time).

7. Going back to you being a YouTuber as your job…What do you think makes a successful YouTube channel?

“The content. You can have your marketing set up perfectly, you can have access to a ton of different people, but if your content sucks people aren’t going to waste their time with it. Content is king.”

8. Why do you think YouTube is a better outlet for making money as opposed to other social media outlets?

“All social media outlets have their pros, and cons. What I like about YouTube is that anyone can show off their skills and talents. You don’t need any money or fancy equipment. Also, the better you do on YouTube the more money you are going to make. You’re the boss, and you decide where your channel goes.”

9. How long did it take you to monetize your YouTube channel?

“I didn’t start monetizing my content until about two years ago. Until then I was never concerned about getting paid from it. Then a company came my way that wanted to partner up with me, and I decided to go for it and monetize the videos.”

10. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their own YouTube channel?

“Always make sure your content is engaging. Give people a reason to keep watching, and then come back for seconds. Also, collar as much as possible. Find people in your niche with more followers, and do a video for them. Ask them if you can interview them, or you can make a video tribute for them, anything to get your foot in the door.”

11. Who are some of the people you’ve been able to work with through your YouTube success?

“I’ve gotten to work with many different people. I’ve gotten to talk to CEO’s, doctors, athletes…you name it. My most notable person was Elliot Hulse, when my channel was just up and coming. He was a big part of my motivation when I was younger. Being able to work with him was an awesome experience.”

12. What motivates you and inspires you today?

“There’s a lot of things that inspire and motivate me. It’s important to always have more than one thing that pulls you toward your goals. The more horses a buggy has, the faster it will go. The more motivation you have, the faster you’ll get to that goal. My top three motivators right now are definitely my family (my beautiful fiance Shaun and son Isaac), my YouTube channel, and my career goals for the future.”

13. What is the overall message you would like your YouTube channel to portray to your viewers?

“You can do anything you want. You just need to find the motivation within and let it drive you to success.”

One of the most effective character traits anyone can have is the drive to always learn more and learn from others. That is the main goal for my “Models of Success” category. I hope that you can take the stories of other people and learn from them. Take the advice of other successful people and let it drive you to your own success. It was such a joy and a privilege to interview Ricky and hear his advice and how he has created his success thus far. I hope his words have helped you too!


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