How To Be A Billionaire (Proven Strategies From The Titans of Wealth)

The 9 Fundamental Wealth Building Strategies of Billionaires

  1. Take extraordinary, monumental business risks.
  2. Innovate- Do business in fundamentally different ways from others.
  3. Dominate your market- and use that dominance wisely.
  4. Consolidate an industry- better than anyone else can.
  5. Buy low- then be proactive in harnessing those assets.
  6. Make astute business deals which exploit all available profit sources.
  7. Out manage competitors in organization, recruitment and motivation.
  8. Work the system- invest in achieving political influence.
  9. Outfox organized labor- resist the unions.

The 12 Key Principles Billionaires Have Used

  1. Pursue the wealth creating power of new ideas.
  2. Always remember rules can be broken.
  3. Copying is far more profitable than innovating.
  4. Pursue growth aggressively and constantly.
  5. Hold on to your equity steak.
  6. Hard work is the price of entry into the game.
  7. Use financial leverage intelligently.
  8. Always keep a back door open.
  9. Make loads of mistakes- but learn from each and every one.
  10. Be frugal.
  11. Enjoy the pursuit, not just the destination.
  12. Develop a thick skin and resilience to the opinions of others.

SOURCE: Millionaire Mindset on Facebook!



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