Unlimited Power: Chapter 13 Review

Chapter 13: The Magic of Rapport

“The friend who understands you, creates you.” ~Romain Rolland

What is rapport? Well, by definition, it is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. Otherwise, your ability to form a common bond with others, thus creating trust and responsiveness within them.

Why is rapport important? Well, try selling insurance to someone without rapport. Your chances of succeeding are very low if you don’t know how to appeal to whoever you are selling to on a personal level. Try being the president of the United States without rapport. Either your running counterpart is worse at building rapport than you are, or they paid off a whole bunch of people to get there…and we all know that hasn’t been a successful strategy in the most recent election.

Just take Obama, for instance. He ran for president against all odds with his ethnicity, his background, and the recession still weighing heavy on America. Despite those things, he was able to gain the greater support system through not one but two elections! Why? Because of rapport! Even if you don’t think Obama is visually attractive, his voice and how he carries himself has the power to appeal to a wide range of people. Isn’t that the key to winning an election?

The power of rapport can get you to control just about any external outcome in life! Meaning, if you can master rapport, you can convince anyone of anything. Let’s look at one more example: Adolf Hitler. He was able to convince millions of people to believe in what he believed through rapport. Even if what he believed in was very dark and absurd, masses were convinced.

This chapter reiterates just how important effective communication is and that, in order for people to donate to your cause, to help you achieve your goals, you need to be able to build relationships and appeal to them on a personal level. Tony Robbins even breaks it down to mirroring someone else’s actions and physiology to appeal to this person. It’s amazing what rapport with others can do for your life! Again, people are one of your greatest resources on the road to success, so make sure you know how to use this resource effectively!



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