Unlimited Power: Chapter 11 Review (Part Two)

As promised in my part one post of Chapter 11, here is part two with very in-depth steps on creating the most effective goals for your life! This post will only be effective if you physically interact with these steps. So, I highly advise you to grab a pen and notebook and clear your mind of any daily clutter! Here is the complete set of steps to do in order to map out your goals in a way that will make them more achievable:

(1) Make an inventory of your dreams, the things you want to have, do, be and share: This step is simple (or maybe not for some of you). Write down a list of every single thing you desire out of life. Include the people, feelings, and places you want to be a part of your life. Brainstorm and write for at least 15 minutes!

(2) Go over the list you made, estimating when you expect to reach these outcomes: Create a set time frame for reaching each goal on your list. An effective list has a balance of long and short term goals!

(3) Pick out the four most important goals for you for this year: Write the four most motivating and desirable goals from your list on a separate piece of paper. Then under each goal write why you will absolutely achieve these goals! Think deeply about what motivates you the most to reach these desires. The more reasons you have for achieving this goal, the more committed you’ll be to accomplishing them.

(4) Review these four key goals against the five rules for formulating outcomes: To verify the value of these goals, ask yourself these questions about them: Are they stated in the positive form? (things you WANT not things you DON’T WANT) Are they sensory specific? (use all your senses to help your brain know exactly what it is you want) Do they have an evidence procedure? (something to distinguish this goal from the things you already have) What will you experience when you achieve this goal? (again, BE SPECIFIC) Are your goals affected only by you? (don’t rely on another person to achieve them) Are they ecological and desirable for you and others? (know if your goals have consequences)

(5) Make a list of the important resources you already have at your disposal: What kinds of things do you already have going for you? Be optimistic and creative! (ex. character, friends, money, education, time, energy, etc.)

(6) Now, focus on times when you used those resources most skillfully: Write down a few times when you were completely successful. Describe the resources you used effectively and what about the situation made you feel successful.

(7) Describe the kind of person you would have to be to attain your goals: This step involves what you may need to change or strengthen about yourself to obtain your goals. These are the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that you need to accomplish your goals. For example, will it take a great deal of discipline or education to achieve? Will you have to be better at time management or be more organized to reach success? These are the things you need to decide about yourself and your goals!

(8) Write down exactly what prevents you from having the things you desire right now: This one is pretty straight forward. The only way you can be successful now and in the future is if you recognize the limitations you’ve made for yourself in the past. Once you recognize these things, you can take the steps you need to change them.

(9) Take some time now to create a draft of a step-by-step plan on how to achieve it: Ask yourself what the first step is to accomplishing some of your goals or what may be holding you back from them. What can you do the change those limitations? The plan you make should include at least one thing you can do today to get closer to your goals.

(10) Make a list of people you can model: This list can include people in your own life or famous people who have achieved great success. You should write down 3-5 people have achieved your same goals or those similar to yours. Note their character and behaviors that made them successful. Take a moment, to close your eyes and visualize the exact advice you think some of these people would give you about accomplishing your goals too!

(11) Create your ideal day: This step is the ultimate motivator for your mind. If you accomplished all of your goals, what would that look? What would your day be like if you had the success you’ve always dreamed of? Note specifics about how your day would begin and end, where you would go, what you would do, and how you would feel at the end of each day!

(12) Design your perfect environment: A key contributor to creating your success is to know what type of environment you must be in to make the magic happen. Be creative on your ideal place to work and succeed. This environment should bring out the best in you as a person! Would your ideal environment be an office? a library? the beach? on a plane? somewhere foreign maybe? You have to decide what is best for feeding your goals and your personality!

Now that you have the complete guide to making the ultimate goal list and tools to obtaining these goals, I highly encourage you to go out and buy a whole new journal (or notebook!) The more in-depth you answer all these questions, the more effective your journal will be. The reason why you may want to dedicate a whole notebook just for goal setting is so you can get the full effect of its power! That and your goals could always change at any point in time, which is okay, so you’ll need all the writing room you can get! By doing these entries, you’ll be training your brain to hyperfocus in on your goals and desires, making them “easier” to obtain. Repetition is a major contributor to your success. The more you think about what you want to achieve out of life, the more you will attract all the tools you need to make it a reality! Happy journaling!



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