Unlimited Power: Chapter 11 Review

Chapter 11: Limitation Disengage: What Do You Want?

“There is only one success- to be able to spend your life in your own way.” ~Christopher Morley


The effectiveness of this next chapter is based on what you’re willing to think about then write down as a reference whenever you need it! This chapter takes focus because it’s all about creating your very own diary, dream journal, goals list- whatever you want to call it- stating exactly what you desire out of life. In other words, when your journal is complete you should be able to thoroughly answer these questions:

What outcomes do you want to create for yourself?

How will you specifically create these outcomes?

More importantly, what drives you to accomplish the outcomes you desire?

Before you can create said “outcomes” or goals for yourself, you have to know the specific guidelines to creating them. Here are the rules:

(1) State your outcome in positive terms: Say what you WANT to happen, not what you DON’T WANT to happen!

(2) Be as specific as possible: Use all of your senses when formulating outcomes. The more in-depth you describe what you want, the more power you give your brain to create the desire. Use specific dates and time periods!

(3) Have an evidence procedure: Know how you will look/feel and what you will see/hear when you have achieved your outcome. These will prove that you’ve achieved a new goal and not one you already have.

(4) Be in control: Your outcome must depend upon what you can change. Do not make goals that depend on other people changing themselves to make you happy.

(5) Verify that your outcome is ecologically sound and desirable: Know the consequences of your goal. Your outcome must benefit you and other people.

These five guidelines are very important to creating goals that are effective and can be worked over by your mind. One key thing to remember when trying to achieve a goal is that your brain is your biggest support. You must control the signals and images you give your brain in your day to day life in order for you to be successful. Your mind only does what you tell it to. So if you are constantly sending unmotivated, negative signals to your brain about what you can’t achieve, it’ll create that negative outcome of being unsuccessful.

Now that you have the specific guidelines for creating an effective outcome, you need exactly what it is you should be writing in your journal! Since these specifications are very in-depth, I have decided to write a “part two” post for you all to digest. Plus, it should be a write-as-you-go type post that you really need to be engaged in to get the full effects. I hope you enjoyed part one of my chapter review, and part two will be out soon!


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