Unlimited Power: Chapter 10 Review

Chapter 10: Energy: The Fuel of Excellence

“The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” ~Benjamin Disraeli


This chapter is all about your health! Last chapter was all about the importance of physiology to creating your state and thus being successful. In order to keep your physiology going, it is critical that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Look at it this way:

Good health=more energy=ability to control your physiology

If you’re someone who’s thinking “Well it seems almost impossible to maintain my health. I don’t even know where to start.” That’s great because Tony Robbins gives you his 6 keys or principles to living healthy. They are as follows:

(1) The power of breath or the most important principle that he mentions. I expect you to now be looking at your led-illuminated screen with a dumbfounded or disbelieved face. But the way he explains it, 100% makes sense! At least I’m convinced. The short version of his explanation is this: When we breathe we allow blood to flow evenly throughout our bodies, which carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Each and every one of our cells is surrounded by something called lymph fluid. This fluid is what carries the oxygen and nutrients and white blood cells your body needs to stay healthy. Healthy cells, healthy body. However, our cells can absorb harmful toxins, too. The lymph system is what acts as a filter to these toxins, preventing our cells from absorbing them. In order for our lymph system to do its best job, it needs oxygen folks. Without it, our cells become weak and damaged and can even die out from all those harmful toxins. So you see folks, the good old air we breathe is essential to our well-being… I’d suggest more yoga and meditation!

(2) Eating water-rich foods are important too! We all know that proper hydration is great for us. You probably hear it all the time in one form or another. That’s why it is important to keep your hydration in check by not only drinking your water but eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, or water-rich foods! Proper hydration equals proper cleansing of your body each day. I mean, seriously, who wants to live a life of toxic waste build up aka constipation?? I know I don’t. Trust me, being 7 months pregnant you start to appreciate all the work your digestive system put in before you had 2 pounds of baby pushing on things!

(3) Effective food combining is something that I wasn’t even aware of before I read this book! This one has a lot to do with your digestive system as well and it’s easy. You should not eat certain foods together simply because they require incompatible digestive juices which cancel each other out, slowing the digestive process. This is destructive and energy-wasteful. Foods that are digestive incompatible are those that contain starch and those that contain protein. Some examples of this are steak and potatoes, milk and cereal, fish and rice, and cheese and bread. Sad, right? But very true…

(4) Law of controlled consumption is the easiest one to explain. Eat less and live more! It’s as simple as that. The more food we put in our bodies, the quicker our immune system deteriorates. If you can’t resist the urge to eat more, eat water-rich foods only!

(5) Effective fruit consumption is the next key principle! Here’s the biggest secret to eating fruit effectively: eat it on an empty stomach! Why? Because it takes the least amount of energy to digest. Additionally, most fruit is about 90% water so it’s cleansing your body! This makes fruit the perfect breakfast food!

(6) The protein myth is the most mind-blowing principle yet! The myth is that consuming an excess of protein will give you energy, endurance and strong bones. Well it does exactly the opposite. With much logic, Tony Robbins explains that the last thing your body uses for energy is protein behind glucose, starch and fat. Additionally, protein provides our bodies with extra nitrogen which creates fatigue. If you think about it, what body builder can run marathons? Even their strong muscles and bones aren’t from consuming excess protein. Studies show that too much protein has been linked to osteoporosis, the softening and weakening of bones! Convinced yet? I, for one, definitely am.

But just like all the other chapter reviews so far, my goal is to inform you not persuade you against your beliefs. Just as Tony Robbins says, the information is for your choosing. You choose what principles you want to apply to your own life and throw the rest away. The key to all of these success philosophies is to be open-minded while trying out what’s best for you! After reading all that, what will you eat for breakfast tomorrow? At least take the time to stop and think about what might be better for your body, your mind, and ability to create a successful life for yourself. The first step is always awareness!


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