Unlimited Power: Chapter 6 Review

Chapter 6: Mastering Your Mind: How to Run Your Brain

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” ~Henry Ford


This chapter is kind of amazing because it explains how we can take bad experiences or memories that are holding us back and associating it with a good memory or feeling. The goal for this chapter is to communicate to you how negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be controlled at ant time thus making us more productive in our lives. To put it like Tony Robbins:

Once we discover the different ways we represent things and how they affect us, we can take charge of our own mind and begin to represent things in a way that empowers rather than limits us. 

There’s one key exercise he mentions that allows us to train our mind to be more productive with our thoughts and feelings. It’s called the swish pattern. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Identify the behavior you want to change. Now make an internal representation of that behavior as you see it through your own eyes. If you want to stop biting your fingernails, imagine a picture of you lifting your hand, bringing your fingers to your lips, and biting your nails.

Step 2: Once you have a clear picture of the behavior you want to change, you need to create a different representation, a picture of yourself as you would be if you made the desired change and what that change would mean to you. You might picture yourself taking your fingers away from your mouth, creating a little pressure on the finger you were going to bite, and seeing your nails perfectly manicured and yourself as well dressed, more in control, and more confident. The picture you make of yourself in that desired state should be disassociated. The reason for this is that we want to create an ideal internal representation, one that you will continue to be drawn to rather than one you feel you already have.

Step 3: “Swish” the two pictures so that the unresourceful experience automatically triggers the resourceful experience. Once you hook up this triggering mechanism, anything that used to trigger biting your nails will now trigger you into a state where you are moving toward that ideal picture of yourself. Thus, you’re creating a whole new way for your brain to deal with what in the past may have upset you.

Now that you have read the tools you need to be a master of your own mind, to put yourself in a more productive state by getting rid of the things that bring you pain or the habits that hinder you from succeeding, what will you do with them?


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