Unlimited Power: Chapter 4 Review

Chapter 4: The Birth of Excellence: Belief

“Man is what he believes.” ~Anton Chekhov


In the most basic sense, a belief is any guiding principle, dictum, faith, or passion that can provide meaning and direction in life.

This chapter is interesting because it establishes a very non-religious perspective on belief. Of course, belief is very validly tied to religion but this book also gives belief a very philosophical and even scientific meaning.

Just take the lesson of the power of state in the previous chapter. It says how your state of being is the result of your internal representations and physiology. Thus, you controlling what you communicate to yourself and how that affects your physical state. If you think you are, you will be. Belief takes this concept to an even powerful level.

In this chapter, Tony Robbins explains how he helped a heroin addict of 6 1/2 years conquer his addiction through guiding his beliefs. While attending one of his seminars, this man took part in Tony Robbins’ famous hot coal walk. In this exercise, he gets people to walk across a bed of hot coals without fear and unharmed. How does he do it? By sharing with them his philosophy on just how powerful your beliefs can be on your mind and body. After doing the exercise, the man said he felt so empowered and in a state that heroin could never create for him and he stopped.

Addiction is just one good example of how your beliefs can make your mind and body feel a certain way. If you think that you need a certain drug to feel happy or relaxed, then you create an addiction which your mind and body believe is essential to your well-being.

Tony Robbins explains that in order to model the beliefs that foster excellence, the first thing you need to know is where our beliefs come from. Here are the sources:

(1) Environment

(2) Individual Events

(3) Knowledge

(4) Our past or past results

(5) Creating a future experience you desire in your mind as if it were here now

Now that I have given you the next fundamental philosophy of gaining success and successful thinking, what will you do with it?



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