Unlimited Power: Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3: The Power of State

“It is the mind that maketh good or ill, That maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor.” ~Edmund Spenser


State is defined as the sum of the millions of neurological processes happening within us or the sum total of our experience at any moment in time. With that being said, what does state have anything to do with controlling how you live your life? Here’s what Tony Robbins has to say about state in this chapter:

The difference between those who fail to achieve their goals in life and those who succeed is the difference between those who cannot put themselves in a supportive state and those who can consistently put themselves in a state that supports them in their achievements.

What does that mean to you? Well, it means that you have complete control over how you think and react in every situation of your life. In fact, the two things that create the state we’re in are your internal representations aka what and how you picture and say things to yourself about the situation at hand. And the condition and use of your physiology or the response or condition of your body based on what you communicated to yourself. Here’s a little picture representation straight from the book:


For example, power of state is when your spouse comes home an hour late and when they arrive you interrogate them for being so late. This is the result of you telling yourself that they’re probably cheating and you can’t trust them. Physically you might be tensing the muscles in your body or grinding your teeth. On the other hand, they come home an hour late and you run over to hug them, sobbing with tears. This reaction may be a result of you telling yourself they got into a terrible accident. Make sense?

If you’re still saying to yourself “What the heck is this girl blogging on about?!” look at it this way: What you tell yourself in your head sparks different reactions in your body which create your state of being. Same is true of the vice versa. Your body’s physiology can determine your internal representations and state of being. Let’s say you are stressed and had a bad day so you decide to do some meditation which involves closing your eyes, relaxing your muscles, and breathing deeply. Don’t all these things, these physiological changes, make you feel less stressed or even relaxed afterward? At least that’s the goal of meditation. All meditation does is control the reactions in your body, your physiology, give you a more positive internal voice and a better state of being. All controlled by you.

So next time you’re faced with a situation of adversity think about what you can do to control your physical state and state of mind. It’ll help your whole day!



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