Success Strategy of Modeling

If a man and a woman had developed a successful marriage where for twenty-five years they still felt deeply in love with each other, I could find out what actions they had taken, what beliefs they had that created that result, and I could adopt those actions and beliefs and produce similar results in my own relationships.

In my life, I had produced the result of being extremely overweight. I began to realize that all I needed to do was model people who were thin, find out what they ate, how they ate, what they thought, what their beliefs were, and I could produce the same result.

This is how I lost my excess thirty pounds. I did the same thing in the financial area and in my personal relationships. So I began my pursuit of models of personal excellence. And in my own search for excellence, I studied every avenue I could find…

You know how I mentioned in my chapter 3 review how Tony Robbins emphasizes modeling as being a key strategy in gaining or changing something in your life? Well, this is exactly it. I took his words from his book to give you all a great example of what modeling can do for you. Young Tony Robbins, being overweight, used modeling to lose THIRTY POUNDS. Is that magic or what?

Not exactly…BUT it is a very logical system that helps shape your mind thus shaping your actions to match those with something that you desire. Whether it is financial freedom, excellent health or a long-lasting relationship, IT DOESN’T MATTER. I say this strategy works if your mind does. If you train your mind to super focus on what it is you’d like to achieve, you will attain it through modeling! Just remember, for any positive thing there is its negative equal. Which means you could also fall into the habit of modeling negative people, characteristics, and behaviors. The key to staying away from that regression is to really know what or whom you are modeling and to stay on track with your own thoughts. After all, what you think you become. 

Reflections: What do you desire the most?

Who has the thing you desire?

What actions/behaviors and beliefs/thoughts does this person have?

How can you model their behaviors and beliefs to obtain what you desire?


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