The Ultimate Success Formula

As I mentioned in my chapter 1 review for Unlimited Power, there are two main lessons that Tony Robbins conveys in his first chapter. The first is his Ultimate Success Formula. As you could guess, this formula was created based on his (1) specialized knowledge in self-help and (2) his observations of successful people. So…*drum roll please* here is the Ultimate Success Formula:

Step 1: Know your outcome or to define precisely what you want.

Step 2: Take Action or keep your desires from always being dreams. Take the types of actions you believe will create the greatest probability of producing the results you desire. Of course, the actions we take don’t always produce the results we desire so…

Step 3: Develop sensory acuity to recognize the kinds of responses and results you’re getting from your actions and to note as quickly as possible if they are taking you closer to your goals or farther away.

Step 4: Develop the flexibility to change your behavior until you get what you want.

Now, I want you to think about what these steps mean to you. How can you apply them to your life and goal setting?


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