The Seven Characteristics of Successful People

This is the second main lesson or philosophy that Tony Robbins gives us in chapter one of Unlimited Power. This lesson focuses on what personality traits almost all successful people share. Again, this is based on Tony Robbins’ observations of successful people. They are:

(1) Passion: having a consuming, almost obsessive reason that drives them to do, to grow, and to be more!

(2) BeliefPeople who succeed on a major scale differ greatly in their beliefs from those who fail. Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we will be.

(3) Strategy: A strategy is a way of organizing resources. Every successful person knows it’s not enough to have the resources to succeed. One must use those resources in the most effective way.

(4) Clarity of Values: Values are the fundamental, ethical, moral and practical judgments we make about what’s important to us, what really matters. When we look at great successes, they are almost always people with a clear fundamental sense about what really matters.

(5) Energy: It is almost impossible to amble languorously toward excellence. People of excellence take opportunities and shape them with the recognition that the one thing no one has enough of is time. Great success is inseparable from the physical, intellectual, and spiritual energy that allows us to make the most of what we have.

(6) Bonding Power: Nearly all successful people have in common the ability to connect with and build rapport with people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. 

(7) Mastery of Communication: People who succeed in life are those who have learned how to take any challenge that life gives them and communicate that experience to themselves in a way that causes them to successfully change things. People who fail accept these adversities in life as limitations. The people who shape our lives and our cultures are also masters of communication to others. 

Whether or not you agree with Tony Robbins is up to you. But I challenge you to take these characteristics and subtly apply them to your own personality. Not saying that you’ll become an entrepreneur or self-help guru overnight, but you’ll see results in the positive effects these characteristics will have on your life. They’re also the beginning of shaping your brain into leading you down the path that includes your goals and desires.


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