Unlimited Power: Chapter 1 Review

“To me, ultimate power is the ability to produce the results you desire most and create value for others in the process.” ~Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power




…and I know what you’re thinking: “She has to say that to make her blog look good!” Absolutely NOT. I will 100% always, always, always tell you when I don’t like a book and it’s time to stop reading it. Granted, I know we just got started on this one, but I am sincerely blown away by Tony Robbins right now. Not only does he explain the meat and potatoes of the entire book without dragging on and on, but he speaks in a way that can relate to anyone who reads it! On top of that, it will have you thinking “How does he do that?” and you’ll want nothing to do with the rest of your day but this book!

Personally, I felt every word of this first chapter. He explains his core philosophies of this book in a way that anyone can understand and apply to their own lives. He gives real life examples of success stories where these people apply the principles he speaks about to a “T.” And do you think any of those people knew or personally spoke with Tony Robbins himself? No. The point is when Steve Jobs created the most successful idea for the home computer so efficiently and at a young age, he didn’t have Tony Robbins speaking in his ear. Same goes for Steven Spielberg and Colonel Sanders.

Yet, in this chapter, Tony Robbins is able to connect all these successful people in a way that makes you believe in his philosophies related to having unlimited power. The two main connecting factors for chapter one are the Seven Characteristics and his Ultimate Success Formula. In my next few posts, I will further explain what the heck either of those could be! For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed my chapter one review for Unlimited Power and you may purchase it off of Amazon here: Unlimited Power



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