More Blogging!

I’d just like to leave a little note here for all of my wonderful readers…I will now be starting daily chapter reviews on the books we read for my blog! On average, that would leave us to read about 1 to 3 books a month and at least 15-30 pages a day with a reading time of about 30 minutes a day. Reading 30 minutes a day is something I highly encourage, in fact, I challenge, you all to do! Any type of educational, business or self-help books you can find are going to be the most resourceful to you! To quote from one of the most knowledgeable men on self-help today and the current book we’re reading:

“One of the largest sources of power is derived from specialized knowledge.” ~Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Today, my friends, we live in a world where the more specialized knowledge you have and are able to utilize effectively, the more successful you’ll be in accomplishing your life goals…SO KEEP READING!!!!


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